The War of the Nine Armies was a conflict that took place in Eastern Europe 4'000 years ago in the year 2139 BC.


The events that lead to the war began, when the Dark Lord, a very dangerous and powerful sorcerer murdered Sargon the Great and created the first-ever Magic Wand from his dead body. The Dark Lord then built a vast army of Orcs and presumably a few goblins and humans.

The Dark Lord and his armies then set out on a brutal campaign to conquer the known world, many towns and villages were mercilessly destroyed and its inhabitants either enslaved or slaughtered. Eventually, the Dark Lord's campaign came to Russia where a simple unblooded Orc farmer named Jirak refused to live in fear of the Dark Lord's cruelty. Instead, he took up a sword and managed to rally the other races behind him.

Jarik would also found a secret resistance army known as the Shield of Light to combat the Dark Lord and his armies.

The War

Shortly after Jirak and the Dark Lord engaged in a vicious and bloody conflict that would last thirty long bitter years. Eventually, the Dark Lord and his army began to crumble, many people at the same time began to see Jirak as a symbol of Hope. Soon the Dark Lord's army was defeated, however, he would not go down so easily or willingly.

Soon, afterward, Jirak and the Dark Lord would meet face to face and began a duel. The duel eventually ended with the Dark Lord's defeat and death at the hands of Jirak who had used his own wand against him. Jirak was then hailed as the world's first Bright, a person capable of wielding a magic wand and using it to defeat the Dark Lord. Jirak was also hailed for fulling the Great Prophecy.

Shortly after the end of the war and the death of the Dark Lord, Jirak was blooded by his remembered and was remembered following his passing as a great hero.

The Aftermath

Due to their servitude to the Dark Lord as his army, Orcs were subjected to extreme hatred by many survivors of the war, including Jirak by some and as a result, would be. This would lead to severe discrimination of Orcs and would last to the 21st century. Jirak meanwhile would become a symbol for unblooded Orcs to rally behind due to his bravery.

Shortly afterward, some of the Dark Lord's surviving followers founded the Inferni. A sinister coven of renegade elves whose intention was to resurrect the Dark Lord plunge the world into darkness.

The dangers of both magic and magic wands would eventually lead to magic becoming globally prohibited by 1852, with strict punishments handed out to suspected magic wielders.

The Shield of Light, always believing that the Dark Lord would return one way or another behind a fringe militant group by the 21st century. They were deemed as eccentric activists by both the United States Government and the Magic Task Force.

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