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Hello! My name is Mike (or Cav) and I'm a Community Partnership Specialist with the Community Activations Team!


Cavalier One was born in 1979. He is still alive, and not much has happened to him since that time. Except a few broken bones. And grey hair. He refers to himself in the third person occasionally.

I've been active across Fandom since 2007, contributing and administrating mainly on Wookieepedia, and the Harry Potter Wiki, although I've been an administrator at several others, including The Firefly and Serenity Database.

I am constantly amazed by the subjects we have communities for and find myself diving into a rabbit hole when I find a new one. I devour pop culture and can often be found watching the latest television series from Marvel or DC, reading, or editing. I enjoy a good encyclopedia on a fictional subject and figure wiki communities are the closest I'll ever get to writing one.


Need to get in contact? The best way is to drop a message on my talk page.