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Sherri Ward is a Human and the wife of the police Daryl Ward.


Sherri is a doctor from the city of Los Angeles. She is married to the police Daryl Ward with whom she has her daughter, Sophia. It is known that she and her husband were experiencing economic difficulties.

On 5/10/17, after her husband recovered from a shot at work, Sherri receives him in the morning with the problem of a fairy getting into the bird feeder and expressing his concern for his work, indirectly blaming his companion Jakoby for that. That night, while she was in a nightclub with some friends, she received a call from her husband telling her to leave the city with Sophia. Worried, she leaves the place.

The next day, when Ward and Jakoby are decorated by the police, she is in the audience with Sophia seeing them happy.

Behind the scenes[]

Sherri Ward is portrayed by Dawn Olivieri in Bright.