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Serling is a human member of the Shield of Light.


Sterling is a member of the Shield of Light, an activist group that seeks to stop the return of the Dark Lord. On 5/10/17, he starts to disrupt traffic in the streets of Los Angeles, shouting while swinging a sword in the middle of the road. There, the police, including officers Ward and Jakoby, arrive to arrest him. During the transfer, Serling speaks to Jakoby in Orkish about the prophecy he chose and how Ward is blessed, telling him also that he must remember his nature and old tradition.

Serling is then interrogated by members of the Magic Division of the FBI, Kandomere and Montehugh. After discovering that he is a member of the Shield of Light, they both ask him about two Bright Elf members of the Inferni who are looking for. Serling tells them what he knows about them and the Brights, but says that despite trying to contain the magic, in the end, the magic will be the only thing that could stop the Dark Lord as he did four thousand years ago, alluding to the end they will beg the Shield of Light to stop him.

Behind the scenes[]

Serling is portrayed by Chris Browning in Bright.