Sargon the Great was one of the greatest wizards of known history.


Sargon was a wizard who rose to greatness during a period of time when nearly all civilizations were being ruled by magic. He hailed from Akkad, an ancient empire in Mesopotamia during the Bronze Age.[1] Legend holds he achieved immortality by "blessing his own body with magic".[2] He was eventually murdered by the Dark Lord via a magic annihilation disease in the late 22nd century. Legend says the first Magic Wand was created from Sargon's remains.

Historical Reference

  • Historically, Sargon the Great was the first ruler of the Akkadian Empire, known for his defeat of Akkad's great rival, Sumer, and the founding of a dynasty that ruled the Empire for roughly a century, which included his successors Sargon I and II.
  • Similar to the Egyptian pharoah Khufu, Sargon was the ruler of an ancient civilization who, in the Bright fictional universe, is credited with magical ability as a partial explanation for his power.


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