Rogan LLC (or Rogan Enterprises) is the distribution company for Joe Rogan's podcast The Joe Rogan Experience


Joe Rogan set up Rogan LLC in 2027 after 46th President of the United States S. Crowder granted large tax breaks to certain media distribution companies. Initially, Rogan would not admit this as the reason for the founding of his company and instead cited a recent DMT trip as the inspiration for the move. However, during President Crowder's impeachment trials private conversations between Rogan and Crowder revealed an agreement made between the two granting Rogan LLC an unlawful tax break. Rogan has never acknowledged these recordings publicly.

2033 Controversy

In 2033 the fact that Rogan had never had an Orc guest on his show was raised by Centaur journalist Tagus 'the Horse-Man' Simmons. The article blew up online and the new controversy dubbed by many as 'Ro-gate' spread like wildfire. Accusations of Orcish racism began to be levied at Rogan; many of his anti-orc guests such as Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad were used as confirmation of Rogan's anti-orc leaning. During this time old tweets of Rogan's containing anti-orc sentiments surfaced alongside audio recordings of him using Orc slurs in the early 2000s whilst on the set of Fear Factor. All throughout the controversy, Rogan stayed unusually quiet. This lasted until 2 weeks after the controversy began Rogan released an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featuring prominent conservative Orc Teddy Lawrence. This move sparked further controversy as Lawrence was most well known for disparaging the struggle of Orcs in society. Many claim that in the episode both Rogan and Lawrence were using a series of anti-orc dog-whistles, this claim was never proven and both deny the accusations. A month after the controversy began Rogan finally made an official statement on the matter where he apologized for the lack of Orc guests and vowed he would do better moving forwards. After this apology, Rogan slowly began to invite more Orc guests onto his show and share their experiences living in America with his viewers.

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