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Rodriguez was a Human police officer of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and friend of Daryl Ward.


Rodriguez was a sheriff of Los Angeles. It is known that he was married to a woman named Marisol with whom he was about to have his fifth child. When a man was causing riots in the streets, Rodriguez will control the situation, finding Ward and Jakoby. After arresting the subject, Rodriguez warns them about the growing activity of the Fogteeth and Altamira gangs and tells them to be careful.

When Ward and Jakoby were fleeing after an incident with a Magic Wand, Rodriguez finds them at a gas station and intends to arrest them. When they try to explain what happened, he calls Kandomere by phone, allowing the Inferni to track their location. Rodriguez states that they must arrest Jakoby because otherwise, they would kill him, which Ward refuses, but Jakoby ends up accepting. However, the Inferni who were behind the Wand appears and kill Rodriguez with one shot.

Behind the scenes[]

Rodriguez is portrayed by Jay Hernandez in Bright.