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Pollard was a human cop who works for Los Angeles Police Department.


Pollard was the police who most denied that Jakoby worked with them for being an Orc. He also looked like he was on bad terms with his partner Ward. According to him, Pollard had nine divorces. Pollard was the one who most defended the idea that Jakoby let go of the Orc who shot Ward.

When Ward and Jakoby discover a Magic Wand in the hands of an Elf, Pollard and other cops go to the safehouse to supposedly secure the area. However, all the cops except Ward decide to steal the Wand for themselves and blame Jakoby and Ward for killing them. Pollard was the one who came up with the plan, telling Ward that they would let him live when he was actually going to kill him along with Jakoby and Tikka. In the end, Ward shot Pollard and the other corrupted cops in self-defense and Jakoby's. Pollard was the only one who survived the shooting. When the Inferni arrive at the place, Pollard asks for help, but is brutally killed by Leilah who pierces his throat

Behind the scenes[]

Pollard is portrayed by Ike Barinholtz in Bright.