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Mikey is a blooded Orc and son of the leader of the notorious Fogteeth gang, Dorghu.


Mikey is the son of Dorghu and an unofficial member of the Fogteeth.

One day, Mikey was tagging in an alley in Los Angeles when a criminal Orc shot a cop, Officer Ward, in front of a nearby store. Ward's partner, Officer Jakoby, pursued, but lost the Orc in the crowd. When Jakoby rounded the corner, he initially mistook Mike for the shooter, but quickly realized his mistake when he noticed that Mike did not smell the same as the criminal. Knowing the backup he had called for would be eager to blame and kill any orc for the crime against a fellow human officer, Jakoby helps Mikey escape via the fire escape.

When Ward and Jakoby are kidnapped by the Fogteeth, Dorghu decides that Mikey is the one to kill Jakoby as an initiation to the gang. However, Mikey recognizes him as the policeman who saved him, Mikey refuses to kill him.

Behind the scenes[]

Mike is portrayed by Brandon Larracuente in Bright.