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Magic is the supernatural art to alter reality.


According to the History of Bright on YouTube, magic is as old as time itself. In 2900 BC, prior to the creation of the Magic Wand, amulets, crystals and other relics were used to preform acts of magic. At its earliest origin magic was used for good, with nearly every village having a wizard as its magic keeper.

Things would change forever in 2600 BC when the newly crowned Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu used his powers to construct the great Pyramid of Giza. When word of his feat spread throughout the world, many kings and rulers followed suit until nearly every civilization on Earth was ruled by magic. The greatest and most powerful of the ancient wizards was Sargon the Great of Akkad, as the ancient story went Sargon performed a feat no practioner of magic had ever done. By blessing his own body with magic, Sargon transcended mortality and became an immortal being.

Four centuries later however, Sargon was cursed with a powerful magical annilation virus which bypassed his immortality and killed him. His murderer, a mysterious Elf sorcerer known only as the Dark Lord crafted the world's first ever magic wand from the remains of Sargon's lifeless body. The Dark Lord would then creat a vast army consisting of mostly Orcs and presumably a few Goblins and Dwarves before setting out on a brutal and bloody campagin to subjugate the world, however a simple unblooded Orc farmer named Jirak would form the Shield of Light, a shadowy resistance army against him and after a long and bitter war, finally defeated the Dark Lord by using his own magic wand against him.

Due to its dangerous nature, magic was officially outlawed on Monday, August 30th, 1852 with anyone who was caught practising magic being severly punished. Nearly a century later following the Second World War, magic was believed to have created the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In response to the rumors, US President Harry Truman founded the Magic Task Force to closely monitor the use of magic.

The Inferni, a secret society of Elves seek three magic wands, which if united would bring the Dark Lord back to life and plunge the world into darkness.

Magical Instruments[]

  • Magic Wand - The most powerful magic object in the world. Been described as a nuclear bomb that grants wishes.
  • Magical Crystal -
  • Magical Amulet -