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Larika was an Inferni Bright and assassin sent by Leilah to kill Tikka.


Tikka was an Inferni that serves in Leilah's coven. When Tikka betrayed the Inferni and fled, Leilah gave Larika her Magic Wand to kill Tikka. She tracked Tikka down to the safe house where members of the Shield of Light were protecting Tikka. Larika uses the wand to kill Tikka's protectors. However, a survivor shoots her in the back, causing her to drop the wand, allowing Tikka to retrieve the Wand and use it to trap Larika in the wall with a spell, destroying her lower body in the process.

After being discovered by the police and later by Leilah, Larika reveals that Tikka fled with her Wand, leading Leilah to murder her by cutting her throat. Her body is found by the Magic Division, alerting Kandomere to the presence of Leilah.


As an Elf, Larika possesses strength, agility, and reflexes superior to a human. Also, as a Bright, she has the ability to wield the power of a Magic Wand. With Leilah's Wand, she was able to kill people, reducing them to incinerated skeletons.

Behind the scenes

Larika is portrayed by Nadia Gray in Bright.

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