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"Jirak was unblooded like me. An Orc that nobody cared about. He united the nine armies and they defeated the Dark Lord. He was a farmer who changed the world. They raised their blades to him, he was blooded in that very moment. He fulfilled the great prophecy Ward." Nick Jakoby[source]

Jirak was an Orc hero who helped defeat the Dark Lord thousands of years ago, becoming the first Bright to carry a Magic Wand.


Initially, an unblooded Orc farmer who didn't belong to a clan, Jirak becomes an immortalized hero stand before the forces of darkness, united the Nine Armies against the Dark Lord. He founded the Shield of Light in 2139 BC, initially a resistance army against the Dark Lord that continues to keep watch against his return to this day. In 2109 BC, Jirak and the Dark Lord faces each other in the war for every soul. In that battle, Jirak becomes the first Bright in history, personally defeating the Dark Lord using the villain's own Wand. He was finally blooded following the war. It was said that he had fulfilled a prophecy, though what that prophecy said has yet to be specified. 

In the present day, graffiti murals of Jirak reading "Jirak lives!" are also found in parts of Los Angeles. Nick Jakoby also used Jirak's story to inspire Daryl Ward in their fight against the Inferni.


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