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Humans or Men are one of the nine races living in the world of the Bright series. They seem to be the most common race and make up the majority of the middle class, considered higher in status than Orcs, but lower than Elves.


Unlike Elves and Orcs, Humans have various physical appearances like height, skin color, hair, shapes, and so on. Those of European descent tend to have white skin with various hair colors from black to blonde, those of African descent have dark brown skin and dark curly hair while those from eastern Asia tend to have yellow skin and straight black hair. The indigenous Americans or Native Americans have light brown skin. Humans and Elves are physically very similar to each other compared to Orcs.

Humans have lesser special features compared to both Orcs and Elves, they are considered the weakest physically and have a less sensitive sense of smell. However, they are more resilient and creative compared to the other two, as they have successfully shaped the landscape around them without much use of the magic.


Humans are the most diverse of the nine races, they have various physical appearances, cultures, languages, and traditions which differ from region to region. As the United States is an immigrant nation, most Humans came from various parts of the world and each brought their own cultures and languages.

The Humans maintain good interracial relations with each other, (Note: This has not always been the case.) although wealth inequality remains high. Intermarriage between Human races is common and most Humans live in suburban middle-class neighborhoods. Humans with lower incomes live side by side with the Orcs while Humans with high incomes separate themselves from Orcs, Elves, and even Humans themselves.


English is the main language used by Humans, although various Human ethnic groups have their own respective languages like Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, German, and so on. Humans also learn Övüsi or "Elvish" at public schools to any and all races who elect to take the course. Very few Humans knew Orcish or Bodzvokhan as it is considered an "inferior language".

Demographic Information[]

US Population[]

Humans account for 254 million or 78.7% of the population.

Common Professions[]

Humans appeared in every major professional and non-professional career.

List of humans[]