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Hakodate is supposedly a mythical location in the world of the Bright series and is said to be the home of the Elf race. It is first mentioned in the film, Bright: Samurai Soul.


According to Chihaya, Hakodate is an island inhabited entirely by Elves and is located to the North, presumably near Russia. Another fact about Hakodate, is that there Elves are not feared simply because they are Elves, indicating that they are presumably nice and welcoming there.

Chihaya told Sonya about Hakodate, at first Sonya believed that Chihaya was lying about its existence. Chihaya then confused that she didn't believe herself wherever or not it existed and after her death, Sonya vowed to take her wand there in honor of her memory.

After the defeat of Kōketsu and the Inferni, Sonya was taken there by Anna to presumably start a new life there.