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Giants are a species that live in the world of the Bright series.


Giants resemble humans but are much larger, they come in two varieties. The bigger giants range from between 16-20 ft, whilst the smaller giants range from between 9-14 ft. Other than their towering size, the other difference is that the larger giants have low intelligence, whilst the smaller giants are extremely intelligent.

The largest population of giants in the United States live in the Pacific Northwest. Giants live mostly in the country where food for them is more abundant, though it is possible that few giants live in cities. Giants are also said to have a mostly herbivorous diet and are nice most of the time unless they are angered.

Demographic Information

US Population

There are 2.94 million giants in the US, accounting for 0.9% of the population. Their birth rate is 1 in every 111 individuals.

Common Professions

The top six careers for giants are forestry services, lumberjacks, farmers, longshoremen, animal control, and construction.

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