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Dorghu is a blooded Orc and leader of the notorious Fogteeth Orc gang.


Dorghu is the imposing and scary leader of the notorious Fogteeth orc gang. It's recommended to give the Orc a wide berth; although he seems reasonable at first, he dishes out his own punishment after seeing how the police department oppresses his race.

Originally a bus driver from Miami, where the Orc communities are united and strong; he rose to power when he moved to LA and began organizing the local Orc community to emulate the ones he grew up with. He now hosts block parties open to all races to promote goodwill, with the only rule being no one brings any guns.

He is seen talking on television about Nick Jakoby, an unblooded Orc who, according to him, is dead to all the Orcs.

Then, while he and his gang were hosting a block party, Ward and Jakoby breakthrough, trailed by the Altamira gang. Shots are fired and a fight breaks out quickly.

After kidnapping Ward and Jakoby along with Tikka, Dorghu expresses his distaste for the oppression that the Orcs receive from humans, as well as despising Jakoby for being unblooded. After having them beaten and threaten Tikka's life, he demands that they hand over the Magic Wand that everyone was looking for, but they refuse. Dorghu asks his son, Mike, to kill Jakoby as his initiation to the clan, but Mike refuses because Jakoby had saved him from the police previously, forcing Dorghu to kill him himself. However, Tikka uses the Magic Wand to revive him, fulfilling an ancient Orc prophecy. Seeing Jakoby as a divine being, Dorghu and his gang let the three go.

During the aftermath of the battle against the Inferni, Dorghu and other Orcs finally recognize Jakoby as a blooded Orc.

Behind the scenes[]

Dorghu is portrayed by Brad William Henke in Bright. About Henke's work with the Orchish language, language developer David J. Peterson said:

I also wanted to give a shout out to Brad William Henke. He plays Dorghu, and has the most Orcish dialogue. He had a lot to learn, and no real familiarity with learning/using languages other than English, but he worked his tail off, and he killed it. He even started asking me to translate some of his English lines so he could throw in Orcish words/phrases as a change-up. Dude’s awesome—and big as a house.[2]