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The Dark Lord was a nefarious being who previously used magic to enslave and torment the world four millennia ago shortly before the birth of Christ. Graffiti depictions suggest he was an Elf, however, that hasn't been confirmed yet.


The Dark Lord was a dangerous and powerful wizard who rose to power by murdering Sargon the Great and wielding the Wand which was created from the immortal wizard's corpse, enslaving the world under his reign. When the Shield of Light and the Nine Armies rose up against him, a great war broke out that ended when Jirak, a legendary Orc hero, banished him by using the Dark Lord's own Wand against him.

In the present day, he is revered by the Inferni, who seek to bring him back to life and power. It is said that the power of three Wands combined can bring him back.


It's highly possible that the Dark Lord later inspired the universe versions of Lord Voldemor, Sauron, Morgoth, Arawn Death-Lord, and Darth Sidious.