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Ching was the sergeant of Los Angeles Police Department.


Ching was the sergeant in the police department. During the meeting, she refuses to match the Orc, Jakoby, with another cop other than Ward. When he reproaches her, Ching tells him that nobody wants to work with either of them.

When Ward and Jakoby discover a Magic Wand in the hands of an Elf, Ching and other cops go to the safehouse to supposedly secure the area. However, all the cops except Ward decide to steal the Wand for themselves and blame Jakoby and Ward by killing them. Ching tries to convince Ward to join them by reminding him of his family's financial situation, but he continues to reject it. In the end, Ching is killed by Ward along with the other corrupted cops in self-defense and Jakoby's.

Behind the scenes[]

Ching is portrayed by Margaret Cho in Bright.