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==Behind the scenes==
==Behind the scenes==
Brown is portrayed by [[Joseph Piccuirro]] in ''[[Bright]]''.
Brown is portrayed by [[Joseph Piccuirro]] in ''[[Bright (Netflix Series)|Bright]]''.

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Brown was a human cop who works for Los Angeles Police Department.


Brown was a police officer and like his other companions, discriminates Jakoby for being an Orc and thinks that Jakoby let go of the Orc who shot Ward.

When Ward and Jakoby discover a Magic Wand in the hands of an Elf. Brown and the other cops, Pollard, Hicks, and Ching go to the safehouse to supposedly secure the area. However, all the cops except Ward decide to steal the Wand for themselves, blame Jakoby for killing him, and kill both Jakoby and Ward. In the end, however, Ward shot to and kill Brown and the other corrupted cops in his own and Jakoby's self-defense.

Behind the scenes

Brown is portrayed by Joseph Piccuirro in Bright.