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Brights are the only ones able to wield and use the power of a Magic Wand. While most Brights are Elves, there are Human Brights, but they're "one in a million". Orcs may be Brights as well, although the rates of this are unknown.

History of Magic[]

By 2900 B.C., various relics, such as amulets and crystals, were wielded to perform magic, with ancient villages having a wizard as a keeper of magic and protector. However, in 2600 B.C. the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu used his magical power to erect the Great Pyramids, which inspired other wizards to begin using their power to gain ruling positions in their civilizations. One of which was Sargon the Great, one of the most powerful known users of magic and was stated by legends to have achieved immortality by infusing magic into his body.

In 2200 B.C., Sargon was cursed by the Dark Lord with a magical virus that annihilated magic, bypassing his immortality and killing him. Hence, the first Magic Wand was created using his corpse. Being the only creature powerful enough to handle the wand, the Dark Lord went on a campaign to conquer and enslave all the races of the world. However, by 2139 B.C., The Dark Lord met resistance in the form of Jirak and the Shield of Light organization, who went to war against the Dark Lord and his army. The war ended in 2109 B.C. when Jirak and the Dark Lord personally battled one another and the orc took hold of the wand without being destroyed by it. Doing this allowed him to destroy the Dark Lord and free the world of him. Jirak would later be noted as the first Bright.

Due to the devastation of the war, by the 18th century, the use of magic was globally outlawed and practitioners of magic were given strict punishment for doing so. Despite this, magic was still believed to have been used in secrecy, such as for the creation of Stonehenge. This suspicion came to a head in 1945, when the first nuclear weapons were suspected of having been created with a wand. This led to the Magic Task Force being assembled to monitor any magical phenomena and arrest users of magic, including Brights.


  • Magic - Using a Magic Wand, a Bright can cast spells. However, Brights are the only ones who could use a wand.

Known Brights[]